Archives: April 2010

Trying to mentally organize

A lot of little – well, not little – research responsibilities are starting to pile up at work. I have two new sets of reader reports to deal with on two manuscripts (one book, one article, in both cases, I think, ‘cautiously optimistic’ for publication is fair), in addition to the spring article I was/am

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Tiger didn’t win the Masters, but he did do something that no other golfer there, including Mickelson, over four days, managed to do – shoot 70 (-2) or less in all four rounds. It is always amazing to me that his off days are better than nearly everyone else’s best days. The scandal didn’t affect

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John Paul Stevens, our best SC justice,  is on the verge of retiring. He’s actually been on the verge for awhile, but being long-lived will do that. So the question becomes not whether Obama will replace him with a left-leaning judge, but how left that judge will be. Given the sterling behavior of the GOP

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