Archives: August 2010

Obama on gay marriage

Very interesting… and at the same time, not, because it falls into the ‘duh’ realm: he’s a politician, folks. He’s been one since his first Illinois campaign. Politicians don’t like committing to firm positions on hot-button issues. If they can get away with avoiding it, or wording a statement in such a vague way that

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Style Redux

There’s a review of last year’s workshop on style at 4Cs, in which I participated, up at Kairos, which contains a reminder of the approaching August 31, 2010 deadline for the Style=Composition collection.

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I got my new dual core Thinkpad X100e yesterday. It is a replacement for my ancient yet beloved Thinkpad X31, which H accidentally left on the top of her sister’s car two weeks ago in Memphis. This new Thinkpad, direct from Lenovo, is slightly smaller and a lot faster; basically it’s a dual core netbook

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