Archives: December 2010

Mighty ducks, not lame ducks

Tax deal pushed through. DADT repealed. 9/11 benefits passed. At this rate, I expect an minimum wage increase, refunding of NASA, and perhaps a triumph for Obama down Pennsylvania Avenue. There’s always a price. This might be the last time this White House gets what it wants. The Dream Act didn’t get through, and neither

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Essay on ethics and agnosticism

I found this short essay of mine, written a year or two ago, while rummaging through some old files. I’d forgotten about it entirely. I may have abandoned it because it was getting too close to Kant ‘s categorical imperative. I don’t have time to revise it properly, but it’s sat in the proverbial trunk

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Scandal increases by 1!

Well, if anything, we’ve discovered what scares otherwise unaccountable corporations – any hint that they might not be blindly patriotic sends them scurrying under legal cover. “U.S. officials welcomed the move,” indeed. Such cover is on paper completely unnecessary, of course, as the NYT and other press outlets  have been publishing the cables – the

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