Archives: July 2013

Agricola and Le Havre

I’ve been playing a lot of Agricola and Le Havre on my aging iphone. Both are boardgame adaptations. I’ve owned a copy of the board game of  Agricola for awhile, but not until very recently did I acquire a copy of Le Havre, as it is out of print. I needed it to learn how

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H recently introduced me to CCS, which I knew was F2P, but not in any particularly insidious way, until I hit a certain level where the difficulty went from 0 to 100. Now normally in my old age I tend to quit a game when it gets inordinately difficult – and therefore less fun –

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Specious reasoning

There’s an interesting piece on William Lane Craig here at the Chronicle: it reminds me strongly of a piece that the NYT did on Rush Limbaugh years ago. Both men are of interest to me as a rhetorician because of the power of their speciousness.  Craig is a master of the Gish Gallop and other

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