Spring semester over, Diablo

With a few odds and ends left here and there, the spring semester is over. I should have some special or snarky comment to make about it, but I don’t. Instead, I just feel tired. It could be those third-year blues I’ve heard about, or it could just be that I’m often morose when I suddenly have time off.

Diablo 3 came out yesterday, but it was unplayable for most of the day due to the usual server issues that occur when perma-online games launch. So far my reaction to it is a studied meh. D2 did come out in 2000, when I was a much younger, much different person; my tastes have changed. Complicating this was that I couldn’t decide which class to play, and ended up switching three times. I wanted the Necromancer again, and the Witch Doctor is a inferior substitute. I want an army of skeletons, dammit. Until then, it’s Demon Hunter time.

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