Recently, I received an essay to blind peer-review for a journal. This is a first for me. I’ve reviewed conference papers before, and edited a collection, but not a journal submission. This feels dangerous and exciting.

Given my past experiences with reviewers, I am very, very concerned about writing a scrupulously fair and quality review. So I’m going to take this slowly. I’ve already read it once and drafted comments, but I’m going to let it sit a few days, and think about it, then read it again and revise my comments, then give it a third and final read before settling on a judgment. I think that’s a fair amount of time to spend with it without obsessing over it.

I’m mostly worried I will overlook something, or not fully understand an idea that I should have, but I don’t really think those things will happen. I think the essay falls in my range of expertise and I’ll be perfectly fine. It’s just jitters.

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