TSIS again

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Ok, now that the summer semester is half over, I can say with some certainty that using TSIS again has been a big benefit. The fruit is showing up in the early papers. I’ve been talking about the templates constantly, demonstrating how to use them, and pointing out instances of them in the essays we read, and this has trickled down into the papers. Usage problems aside, I’m seeing good engagement.

I’m not as enthused with Rereading America, but it is adequate. Many of the readings duplicate the same points, making discussion repetitive, and some are probably too long. I am only using 2/3 of the text, though, so I could assign different sections in the fall.

It is hard for me to believe that it is late June already. It seems like the semester just started. I suppose that’s a good sign, in that I’m not flaming out early.

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