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Traditionally academics write in the summer to catch up after the business of the fall and spring semesters. I find that depressing, so I have refused to do that so far. I do all my writing between August and May, right in the thick of it. Then I teach summer classes in June, and take July and early August off completely.

To my ultimate sadness, however, the PC game publishing schedule is the reverse. Games tend to come out later in the year in prep for Xmas, which means there is typically a dearth of new games in the summer when I have the most time to play them. This is absolutely infuriating.

This summer is particularly bad. So far the notable releases are all sequels. Diablo 3, which is a retread of 2, hasn’t impressed me, pretty as it is. Max Payne 3 did – it’s a great game, if massacring over a thousand men singlehandedly can be called ‘great’ – but it didn’t last long. I’m waiting on an expansion to Crusader Kings 2 later this month, so I can’t start a new game in that yet, so… what’s left? I’m stalled in Dark Souls, disinterested in Skyrim, and plain baffled by a level in SpaceChem. Meanwhile, at least four games I want come out in October. Grrr.

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