It is probably too early to judge Simcity 5 still. I bought it several days after launch so I did not experience the plague of constant disconnection that most people did, but I am sensitive to such things. I think EA has done an upstanding thing in offering a free game to early buyers – I just picked out Dead Space 3, so I ended up with two new games I wanted at $30 each.

Now it is true that pathfinding is a mess. It is pathetically easy for any vehicle, especially fire trucks, to become confused. Stuck trips appear to be resolved auto-magically at some point, but poorly chosen paths are not. But this is something that is fixable. Overall the cities, while small, come alive in a way that previous entries in the series did not accomplish. I would like to see more callbacks to the original game, which I have very fond memories of, and terraforming custom levels/scenarios, but Maxis/EA still has time to add these things. Not every gaming house can be Paradox, but we can hope for and demand that level of commitment.

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