Agricola and Le Havre

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I’ve been playing a lot of Agricola and Le Havre on my aging iphone. Both are boardgame adaptations. I’ve owned a copy of the board game of  Agricola for awhile, but not until very recently did I acquire a copy of Le Havre, as it is out of print. I needed it to learn how to play the iOS version, as Le Havre is easily the most complex-looking board game I’ve played. It is fairly easy to play once you know how, but when I first bought the iOS version, not having any experience with the board game, I was intimidated by the sheer amount of information that I had to process on the tiny iphone screen. Only by working my way through the board game did I gain enough familiarity to play the iOS version.

Both games are designed by the same fellow and have a similar core mechanic. In Agricola, you have to build up a farm with structures and animals while simultaneously feeding your family, an activity that is often at odds with farm-building; in Le Havre, you have to build up a small shipping empire while simultaneously feeding your workers, with a similar build-in growing tension. And of course, you are playing against other players trying to do the same thing, and your actions often block them from doing what they need to do in a given turn.

Now all they need to do is finish the PC version of Twilight Struggle.

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