New Orleans

In the hotel, very late Wednesday night.

The Memphis-NO train ride was relatively pleasant. It left a half hour late, but got there 10 minutes early. It’s a rocky, bumpy ride, but cheap – $50 each way – and way more comfortable than a plane’s coach cabin. On the way, I read through a 500-page collection of Robert Connors’s essays and about half of J. Hester Amador’s metacritical book/diss on NT rhetorical criticism (which I’d read before but need to reexamine).

NO is hot. As a result, the walk fom the train station to the hotel was a sweaty affair. Registration at the convention was quick, though there was little to do afterward as I didn’t get there until almost 4:30. A search for food commenced, cultimating in pizza, a long nap, and some further reflection on how to organize the Friday presentation.

I think I will keep the ‘seven assumptions of prose rhythm’ structure of the paper for here, to keep it focused on teaching. At RSA I’ll probably walk through the theory differences.

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