After New Orleans CCCC

Overall, my experience at the convention was pretty good. I didn’t see any presentations that rocked my world, but the bulk were interesting and engaging.

Some highlights include falling asleep several times while listening to Peter Elbow (I had been up since 4 am on very little rest), a trip to Bourbon Street on Thursday, being told Friday that the paragraph article may be part of a upcoming anthology on style, and a colossal roast beef sandwich at Mother’s that was either the very worst or the very best that I’ve ever had. Oh, and the bag containing a half-pound of white sugar that I recieved from Cafe Du Monde when ordering doughnuts.

The panel that I took part in on Friday morning (G29, I think?) was well attended and the papers worked well with each other. I timed the presentation at 13 minutes but went closer to 20; combined with the others, we didn’t have much time for questions, but overall it was a good experience.

The mock-Platonic dialogue preceding this entry probably requires some explanation. While dozing on a couch between panels, I heard some people, who I did not know and could not recognize from a lineup today, issue some rather inconsistent and lewd remarks about the quality of a number of unknown presenters. I was too sleepy to interject as I should have, so the dialogue is as much a poke at myself as it is at them.

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