That was a debate?

Seeing George Stephanopoulos as a moderator in last night’s ‘debate’ reminds me of the time our current president assigned the 9/11 commission to Henry Kissinger. Hello, conflict of interest! The man is a former and prominent Clinton operative, and to watch him and that other ‘journalist’ ask Obama the most trivial questions imaginable so Hillary could ‘respond’ was painful. I’m not sure whether to be disappointed in Obama for not calling them to the carpet in the middle of the ‘debate,’ or to be outraged that their first question to Hillary was not, “Why are you still here, when by any reasonable standard, you’ve lost the nomination?”

In fact, why is ABC hosting a ‘debate’ to begin with at this point? Did they host ‘debates’ between McCain and Huckabee after Super Tuesday?

The horse race continues – even with one horse a county back – thanks to media. Someone watching that ‘debate’ could, without other information, get the impression that Obama is NOT the frontrunner, due to the structure of the questions and the camera shots of the audience – or, rather, that this is a 50/50 contested race that Clinton could win. Wow.

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