Diss update

So I formatted what I have today into the graduate school’s formatting guidelines, or at least managed a reasonable fascimile of doing so.

The five chapter drafts that I have now, excluding the introduction and conclusion, neither of which I have written yet, come to 277 pages double-spaced, in 82,000 words, with roughly 150 entries in the references. The last figure does not include all the Greek and NSRV citations, which I’m not even going to bother trying to count.

The total page count, after the introduction and conclusion are written, will probably be very near 300. If I write Chapter 6, which I still intend to do, it will end up around 350.

The number of references is a bit low for my tastes. Just the books and articles lying around on my desk, waiting for a mention or two, is enough to move it to 200, and I’d like it to be even more comprehensive, maybe 250 or so.

Much work lies ahead.

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