McCain has just made the strangest VP pick in the history of U.S. presidential elections, even stranger than Perot picking Stockdale. Palin undercuts the “Obama is not ready” argument as she is way more inexperienced than Obama; she’s pro-life, so his chance to appeal to moderates with a Tom Ridge kind of pick is gone; and no one can say with a straight face that she was picked for any other reason than her gender and pressure from the social conservative wing of the GOP due to her Christianity/pro-life combination. This is politics naked.

The Democrats nearly nominated a woman in the primaries this year; the Republicans have never come close to considering such an action, not even with Elizabeth Dole. And for a candidate that constantly stresses his extensive experience, McCain has made a choice that has nothing to do with experience. This is pretty sad testimony to how much the Rovians control his campaign now, using the same strategy of mobilizing the evangelical vote that McCain used to openly grumble about. I’d hoped for better, but I’m not surprised at disappointment.

There’s a plus side to this somewhere. Let me think. Well, she beats Cheney, I guess.

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