the biblical perspective

From the NYT’s story on Palin’s faith:

It is that analysis, he believes, not anything he preaches, that makes most people in his church socially conservative, he said.

“I trust my people can go out with that and they can deal with an issue such as abortion — any issue out there — whether it’s in the public arena, or in the hospital room with their relative dying of cancer, because they will be equipped with a biblical perspective that will enable them to react in that situation,” said Mr. Kroon, who described himself as “pro-life.”

I’m pretty sure that the terministic screens of John McCain and Barack Obama do not include God’s plan when making executive decisions, but Palin seems cut from the Bush mold, making executive decisions based on what she thinks God wants. There is no religious test for President, and there should not be one, but this makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes I think new presidents, when they swear in, should pledge to use rationality when making decisions.

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