I’m boycotting Kellogg

That’s right. I’m starting a boycott of one (maybe two, if H joins in) of Kellogg, who have dropped Michael Phelps from sponsorship for the horrible crime of smoking from a bong whilst 23. Their list of products is somewhat formidable (No Corn Flakes, Eggos, Cheez-its or Pop-Tarts!) but I’m betting they’ll flinch before I do.

The kid won eight gold medals for his country. EIGHT GOLD MEDALS. EIGHT. GOLD. MEDALS. Not that I advocate breaking the law, but the last time I looked, pot isn’t a performance-enhancing drug. If he won any of those medals after partaking, I say the Olympic Committee should give him a ninth.

The President of the United States – the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES – admitted during his campaign to smoking pot when he was young. I wonder if Kellogg thinks President Obama’s behavior isn’t “consistent with the image of Kellogg.”

I can’t do anything to hurt USA Swimming, which suspended him for 3 months, but I’m going to miss my Eggos.

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