CCCC 2009 report

I just got back from San Francisco and CCCC 2009. I’m exhausted but relatively happy.

I don’t have any detailed panel breakdowns to share yet, though there were a few that I found very notable – one on reading instruction in particular. More on that later. My presentation and the panel it was in, I36, on Friday, was well attended with at least 40 people packed into a rather small room. I think the panel was a general success, as was an equally well attended panel on style theory later that day.

On that note, earlier, on Thursday (or was it Wednesday, I can’t recall) I stopped by the Bedford St. Martin’s booth to see if Paul Butler’s sourcebook on style was out. It was, and I was lucky to snatch up 2 copies – they gave out 500 all told, and they were long gone by Saturday. For the unaware, this is probably the only book in creation that will ever have a chapter that begins with a selection by Aristotle and ends with an article by Mike Duncan. I also ran into Paul then, and several times after that (he was so ubiquitous I was wondering if there was two or three of him); he seemed a bit worried about its reception, but from the way it was disappearing off the shelves, I wasn’t.

I went to several parties, 2 more than my average of 0 in previous years. Much food was had. I rode countless cable cars. I also managed to make it back to the Pampanito on the wharf not once, but twice, spending several hours there, and I found the gift shop open on the second try. And as H would say, I was bad once within.

In other news, I thought that I had accidentally blown out my main computer’s power supply just before I left for Frisco, but while on the plane, I realized that I might have just loosened the power button connector. I am happy to report that upon returning and making an inspection, this was the case, and she powered right back up.

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