The Chair

I’m sorry, but this is really, really funny, especially the third page.

There is one thing that these men have right about the chair; it is iconic, an ideograph of sorts that stands for several concepts and ideas, though the articles doesn’t present them as necessarily having a great grasp of what is represented. A possible exception would be the dad who ‘lays down the law’ to his kids from it; authority is there, also paternal, with the imagery back-dependent on the 1960s living room and the accompanying TV.

On that note, I’ve always found it funny that Spock had to peer into a tiny window of a microscope-like interface to read incredibly important technical data, but Kirk has a 100’  widescreen that provides little to no useful information. By TNG, the bridge crew finally has halfway-decent visual interfaces, but the captain’s screen is now a 2-story wall; the cozy living room atmosphere is replaced by an airy home movie theater.

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