The Names of the Beasts

Kara, the new puppy, has been acquiring nicknames at the rate of about two a day. Most of them are H’s invention.

  • Super K (my favorite)
  • Pop Tart (second favorite)
  • Troublestick (I have no idea what such a thing is, but it sounds like trouble)
  • Fiend (ditto)
  • Darlet (give to her by an African Gray trying to say “Darling” and “Dammit” simultaneously)
  • Chow Hound (if it can get into her mouth, it will)
  • Gobble Goose (ditto)
  • Paper Girl (ditto)
  • Bitey McBite (self-explanatory)
  • Captain Biteypants (ditto, with a hard K)
  • Bitey Girl (ditto)
  • Tyrannosaurus K (ditto)
  • Snapdragon (ditto)
  • Venus Chowtrap (which does double duty if you think about it)
  • Sad Monkey (a reference, apparently, to the Sad Monkey Railroad)

Ollie the cat is simply “Ollie” or “Olliecat.”  Bowie the parrot is “Bowie,” “Bowie-o,” “Pretty Bird,” or “Hormonal Teenager.” Kota the cat varies between “Trouble,” “Evil Cat,” “That Thing,”  “That Hateful Little Thing,” “That Horrible Cat,” “Ball of Hate,” and “Furball,” but such variations are usually simplified in practice to “Cat.”

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