In other news

Prep for the move to Texas continues. Having secured a domicile, we now move on to the insane packing stage. Both H and I have finished teaching our summer courses and we can now, more or less, concentrate fully upon such important matters as correct box sizes and the proper use of tape.

During our last car trip to Houston and the week before, I read a few books that I hadn’t had time to read in the last, oh, five years. My father passes on to me the hard scifi that he reads, and these paperbacks stack up until I eventually I get around to consuming them. The last three to bite the dust were Coyote by Allan Steele, Marrow by Robert Reed, and Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. I have almost, but not quite, read everything of Stephenson’s at this point, and I think that book might be my favorite. All three, of course, were a welcome break from the near-constant diet of biblical studies, rhetoric, and professional writing texts that I usually subsist upon.

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