We bought an electric lawnmower this last weekend and mowed the lawn for the first time. “It’s like a vacuum cleaner for your lawn,” the online reviews said, repeatedly, as if channeling Don Draper after a drink or two. Advertising or not, it’s true enough. It is very much like a vacuum cleaner for the lawn, cord troubles and all, though vacuum cleaners can’t cut your fingers off.  So it is  an edgier vacuum cleaner, if I may say so.

The first week of classes is over and a new one is beginning. I have been amazingly well prepared for every class, considering I’ve never taught a three-prep, four-course teaching load before. I have not yet reached a point where I have to grade very much, however, so the real test is going to be 3-4 weeks in, when all these new responsibilities start to pile on top of one another.

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