25 Pounds of Thing

This picture is from a month ago, so Kara, alias Miz Thing, alias K-Dog, and also known by many other names, is probably a pound or two heavier now.


I’m trying out a new theme with this post. I’m getting too old to read white on black, I suppose.

K-Dog has been a handful of late. She is not exactly getting into trouble so much so as releasing enough energy to trigger the formation of stars. It is safe to say that I can sit on my couch in the living room on any given night and watch pockets of Jeans Instability spontaneously form at the edge of a nebula. Things are going SMACK and CRASH and RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN STOP RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN. Swirls of random galactic matter, usually paper, are swept into a gaping, toothy maw which must be constantly pried open to check for heavy metals and other items not conductive to planetary formation.

Planetary formation, of course, happens in the backyard.

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