Upon beavers

Tycho Brahe has a very distinctive sense of humor and writing style. I was musing about exactly why it was distinctive after reading this comic, and realized that it is because very few people would, upon discussing beavers, remark, “Their hunger for wood is well known.” Perhaps, “Beavers eat wood,” or “They eat wood,” or “They like wood…” not an elaborate passive-voice construction that evokes the songs of bards who have traveled hither and yon before dispensing their melodic lore to us, the undeserving, who know not the ways of the beaver, despite the  legendary status of said wood-eating prowess.

And then I realized that the phrase in question is, more or less, exactly how a Obi-Wan sounds: passive-voice, authoritative generalities. “The sand people are easily frightened…” I utter a variation of this quote at least weekly, but no one ever gets it.

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