AMC’s The Prisoner miniseries – a review

I kept waiting for it to get better, or “get good,” as the saying goes. It never did.

it’s hard for me to tell if it’s just the abysmal writing or Jim Caviezel, but Number Six came off as weak. If they were put in the same room, Patrick McGoohan’s Six and that glare of his would have overshadowed him completely. The whole point of Six is that he has a extraordinarily stubborn, indomitable will, and this new Six crumbled on a regular basis.

Wikipedia, noting a number of bad reviews, also notes that the series is not a remake, but (via the NYT)  “a clever and engaging reinterpretation by Bill Gallagher, who shaped the script to contemporary tastes and sensibilities — notably, a postmodern fatigue with ideology and big thoughts.”

I find this statement baffling. The first series wasn’t postmodern? And when did ideology become tiresome? Finally, what, exactly, is a “big thought?”

The original series could get campy at times, but I am hard pressed to think of a TV series without graphic violence that got nearly as dark and introspective about the nature of society. This new series is more of a psychological thriller with a very weak, contrived sci-fi payoff which I don’t mind spoiling, because it violates one of the truisms of the old series – namely, that Number Six was actually physically trapped in the Village.

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