The kairotic moment for health care

Well, now that the Democrats are about to lose their supermajority in the Senate due to throwing away Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat over the past month, we are about to find out if the party has learned, finally, that the last chance in the foreseeable future for something resembling universal health care is rapidly disappearing. The House could simply sign the current  Senate bill (doubtful), or the Senate could start using the nuclear option and reconciliation (also doubtful). They were supposed to finish it before Xmas and failed. Now the do-nothing opposition has a rallying point. Obama was clever to leave the  health care bill to Congress so he could concentrate on other matters, but the problem is that our honorable legislative bodies really aren’t well suited for  epic  idea execution. Watching the Democrats debate their competing health care plans is like watching someone on fire try to drive a hard bargain on the price of a bucket of water. I suppose it’s better than the GOP strategy of sitting still in the hopes of the fire  going out at some undisclosed future point,  perhaps  dowsed by Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

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