On a slightly brighter note

The last post was a bit of a downer. I think H and I are getting along better now about this.

I had a dream about Gracie a few nights ago. I was hunting (which I don’t in real life) in the woods, trying to kill something that needed flushing from trees, and Gracie was there, doing just that (even though she was never a gun dog in the slightest), in a carefree manner whilst sniffing around randomly as dogs like to do. After awhile I realized she shouldn’t be there because she was dead, and I decided to pick her up and take her to H’s parents’ house to prove that I had seen her. I picked her up and she turned into Sam, H’s parents’ 14-year-old boykin spaniel, a friendly, brown, barrel-shaped dog going white. Sam felt like picking up a cardboard box of uncomfortably arranged sharp rocks, so I put him back down and we looked at each other for awhile, him with his sleepy sure-a-nap-sounds-mighty-fine eyes. I said, “Sam, you aren’t going to prove a damn thing.” Then I woke up.

Anyway. We have a lot of visitors coming this spring. My father and stepmother in a week or so, sister-in-law Dr. J and her wonderful menagerie immediately afterward, then my mother and stepfather. Throw in the 4C’s conference in March and the RSA conference in May and we’ve got a full spring. We still need to buy one more piece of furniture to make the house palatable to guests – a task that should be completed, with luck, by this weekend.

On a side note, as a personal project just before the semester began, I built a workbench for the garage, following these plans. It came out level, square, and very sturdy despite the fact that I don’t have a circular saw or miter saw as the author of the article did (although I really want a miter saw now – it would have saved a lot of time). I have next to no practical woodworking skills, so I learned quite a bit, or, rather, expanded my ignorance. I intended for it to be just a general fix-things bench, something I could sit computers on at a reasonable level while tinkering, but I had some fun figuring it out; I may try a small bookcase with some actual joinery for a second project, and if that goes well, a desk to replace the horrible device in my study.

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