On where the hell is Ares

My sister-in-law is in town, and H and I took her to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief tonight (well, last night, it’s almost 2 in the morning).  We are general fans of the Olympians series, and while we did not have high hopes, we thought it might be fun. I suspected the entire story, or most of it, would be ripped to shreds and thoroughly Potterized until everything that made the books appealing and clever would be thoroughly stamped into the dust.

In general, that is what occurred. As a result, it was a traumatic, painful, and depressing experience. I will be adding a fresh rant to the Rants page shortly with details, but I’ll summarize for now: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ARES?

Sigh. Mike’s First Rule of Screenplay Book Adaptation chalks up another victim: never, ever add new material, for any reason. Successful transfers from book to screen only happen when new material is studiously avoided. You can subtract, but never, ever add anything.

Well, at least Lost is cooking with Crisco in its last season.

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