RSA ends, Summer I begins

I’m back from RSA. As usual, it was an excellent conference that reinvigorated my interest in all things rhetorical and gave me some ideas for a paper. No panels were duds. Not one. I even managed to be social enough to meet a fair amount of interesting people, some working on similar projects. RSA really should happen every year instead of every two years.

I wish I hadn’t been sick with a sinus infection the entire time, but that’s how the cookie crumbles when I travel. I’ve flown nine times in the last year and a half and I always manage to stumble on and off the plane with some sort of malady. If I were in a Stephen King novel, I’d be the guy who dies of the plague in Chapter 1, whose body is partially eaten by wild animals in Chapter 10, and whose bones are used as weapons, ritualistic ornaments, and/or musical instruments by the heroes by Chapter 20.

After some airport hijinks, H is also back in town, and we’re both teaching this summer. I have a hybrid PW service course (ENG 3302) and a ENG 1300 teaching basic writers – both end July 1. My graduate course didn’t make, alas.

The plan is to have a highly productive summer. There are articles and a manuscript to be submitted and revised, but there is also biking, swimming, Astros games, guitar-playing (some erstwhile and currently nameless professors and I have endeavored to start a band), and other such summer activities fast approaching.

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