Obama on gay marriage

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Very interesting… and at the same time, not, because it falls into the ‘duh’ realm: he’s a politician, folks. He’s been one since his first Illinois campaign. Politicians don’t like committing to firm positions on hot-button issues. If they can get away with avoiding it, or wording a statement in such a vague way that reaps the practical benefits of taking both sides, they will. Obama follows the wry, epistemic-savvy motto of his presidential model, Abraham Lincoln: “My policy is to have no policy.” It does not endear him to the far left or the far right and carries all kinds of accompanying risks, but it grants him a great deal of flexibility. His ‘policy’ on civil unions has always struck me as a calculated moderate wink in both directions – no, conservatives, I will not support gay marriage because it’s just too far too fast, and yes, liberals, when the time is right, I will back gay marriage because I secretly share your ideals. That said, Obama’s brief speech on the “Ground Zero mosque” is a break from this strategy, even if he waffled on it the next day.

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