Thanksgiving approaches

My last few posts have been a bit random as well as broadly spaced, so perhaps I should reset the stage.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. My four classes are starting to wind down, finally. My first graduate student defended her thesis. I’m made good progress editing my book in the last two days and I’m on course to get it out again well before Xmas.

Sunny, Boykin spaniel #2, continues to grow and continues to find delicate electronic equipment to chew on. My cell phone is covered in puncture marks, each set slightly larger than the first. I think her jaw is strong enough at this point to destroy it utterly if she ever gets ahold of it again. The other day she shredded H’s Bluetooth headset, turning it into a sad little plastic husk.

H and I bought a new car, a Santa Fe, to replace my Olds. This was a big deal for us, buying a car together for the first time, though as H has pointed out, combining our phone plans felt more serious than getting married, so we may just be a little screwy up there.

It’s not the rumbling Challenger R/T that I wanted, but eventually I realized that such a fantastic vehicle would only solve two pressing problems: 1) my need for speed and 2) reliability, whereas the Santa Fe would solve at least five:  1) my need for speed (we got the 276-hp V6), 2) reliability, 3) a vehicle that could accommodate our two dogs and luggage for long trips, and well as possible future infants, 4) something to carry furniture and other large items such as lumber and my drum kit, 5) a reasonable bug-out vehicle in the event of Gulf Coast hurricanes, constitutional revolution, or zombie apocalypse. And it would be a lot cheaper… win-win.

We’ve been in Houston for almost a year and a half now. I’m feeling pensive as 2010 nears to a close. It has been a pretty successful year, both professionally and privately, so I think we have a lot to be thankful for. Last year at this time H and I were still stumbling around a bit, trying to absorb getting a Ph.D., getting married, teaching a four-course load (eight between us!), moving to a new, large city, and moving into a house for the first time, all inside of a year.

We are still far from being masters of this peculiar almost-middle-class conundrum.

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