I ate no less than three Thanksgiving dinners over the last week. Yummy. And, as an added bonus, Mississippi State beat that school up north. So most everything is right in the world.

I worked pretty heavily on my book revision this morning and got through an entire chapter, doing the kind of citation-crazy work that I did during my dissertation. It felt good, like a bout of strong exercise. I haven’t really felt ‘scholarly’ in awhile, and I think the feeling carried over into my two classes today, when I did something I rarely do – talk for almost the entire period.

If you haven’t even wandered onto Vridar’s site from the links to the left, you should. I don’t know where he gets the time to write up all his NT analysis, but I’ve caught myself while writing more than once, wishing that I could cite him from some peer-reviewed pub.  He does better textual criticism than the majority of the peer-reviewed secondary stuff that I sift through, and I end up having to cite something else less perceptive.  His ongoing epistemological duel with James McGrath is even interesting, though I’d keep your distance unless you’re into the online scholarly version of blood sport. I suppose I mention this because the links on the left are very out of date and reflect more what I was reading a year and a half ago than what I read now, but I still check that blog regularly. It’s time, perhaps, to clean house?

Oh, yes. WikiLeaks. That H and I are finishing off the audio version of the Millennium Trilogy , with one of its protagonists being a corruption-fighting journalist, is probably contributing to my glee. I find it really interesting that there is so little interesting in the cables. It is not surprising to me that so many diplomatic decisions are made based on little or no evidence, and rather on first impressions and fleeting, incomplete observations – the diplomats work with little more information that I have about, say, North Korea -  or that no one trusts anyone else, with the possible exception of Britain and the U.S. I don’t see much fodder for a real scandal, yet, though a clever and ambitious reader that needs little sleep may find one in the next two weeks; most of it is only going to be useful for historians present and future.

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