I feel as though I should start craving brains at any given moment now. H won out, and I have an iphone. I’m writing this post with it, even.

It is the first Apple product I have ever owned, oddly enough. I thought it would be hard to write on, but my typing speed is only about 25% slower thus far. I anticipate most of that difference will fade as I become more accustomed to the device.

Already, it’s made me more efficient at work. I skipped the whole Blackberry experience, so this is a lot like going from a 28k dialup to a T1.

I still don’t have a tricorder. But this will do nicely in the meantime.

I hope to offer more lucid thoughts before my transformation into one of the ravenous Apple undead is complete. Already, I feel the change coming over me. Must download more apps. Yes. Apps..

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