No sense pretending

Yes, I haven’t written lately, mostly due to work. I’m trying to eliminate all outstanding writing projects before summer teaching begins tomorrow, so I don’t have to do the Ye Ole Traditional Summer Writing that English professors tend to do.  I’m happy to report I’ve almost succeeded. I have five things in some sort of review, so I can teach and do paperwork in June, and read in July, without feeling lazy.

What else? I’ve started reading fiction again. I think I’ve read a dozen books since the end of the semester. Ok, so most of them were by Lee Child. I’ve also added a page to the site on authors I like, which I’ll update as I continue a larger project of re-reading books I read in my teens and twenties.

I also finished what I consider my first serious woodworking project – a bed for the master bedroom. It came out a lot better than I expected; it is a variant of this design. I stained ours a somewhat darker color than that one. It’s solid and sleeps better than the set of springs we had. I try to learn one new thing with each project; here, it was why having a 6′ pipe clamp is far better that making a jig to drill 3/4″ holes into the end of a headboard.

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